Why GO Riteway?

There are many options when choosing a transportation provider. We believe that GO Riteway offers an exceptional transportation experience that truly exceeds all others.

The key advantages we offer include:

Our Experience – GO Riteway has been family owned for over 50 years. Over that time we have continuously refined our business model to enhance our customer’s experience. Our Mission Statement reflects this ongoing commitment.

GO Riteway is committed to three important areas of our customer’s transportation experience:
  1. Safety

    It’s always there at the top of the list. It’s simple. Nothing we do will ever compromise safety.

  2. Customer Service

    We are committed to providing superior service to our customers: Business Travelers, Tourists, Students and Local Residents.

  3. Employee Training

    As a leader in ground transportation, we realize the important role our employees play in the customer experience. We value having well trained, professional drivers and office staff. As a result, we have invested our resources in training our GO Riteway TEAM to be the best at what they do.

Insurance Level – The level of insurance a firm carries is an important consideration when selecting a transportation company. GO Riteway has $10,000,000 in insurance which is double the required federal amount needed.

Diverse Operations – We pride ourselves in providing a complete transportation solution. No matter what kind of vehicle you need; limousine, motorcoach, school bus, van, sedan, or luxury executive coach, GO Riteway has the expertise to provide you with the service you desire. That includes everything from single vehicle transportation for one event to multiple vehicles for multi-day events to long term partnering for the ongoing transportation needs of institutions, companies and schools. In addition to our comprehensive fleet of vehicles, we go the extra mile in making sure that your transportation experience is executed seamlessly. If appropriate, we can assign an on-site supervisor to coordinate all transportation planning during your event. If you have a long-term transportation project, GO Riteway is able to set up and run all of the logistics and become your transportation.

Safety Rating – Since the mid 1980’s, the U.S. Department of Transportation has attempted to conduct safety inspections of all commercial vehicle companies who are authorized to operate across state lines. This information is available to the public on the internet. GO Riteway currently enjoys a satisfactory rating; which is the highest rating the Department of Transportation (DOT) assigns. Our full time Safety Director oversees the training of our drivers and ensures that our safety program is the best in the industry. Please click on this link, to view the safety ratings of all the passenger carriers in Wisconsin. You can also search by DOT number or company name by going to the SAFER Company Snap Shot page.

In addition, GO Riteway is accredited to provide transportation to all divisions of the US Military and holds the Department of Defense’s highest safety rating.

Sleep Apnea Program – Another example of GO Riteway’s leadership is our launching of the first employer sponsored Sleep Apnea Health & Safety Program in Southeastern Wisconsin. We partnered with Sleep Apnea Solutions, Inc. of Waukesha to institute a voluntary and confidential program to promote employee wellness and help prevent accidents associated with driver fatigue.

GPS Tracking – GO Riteway has installed the Xatanet GPS Tracking System on all of our motorcoaches. This internet based technology gives us access to vehicle data anywhere, anytime. As a result, we can better manage our fleet and our drivers to further enhance the safety of our operation. This system also allows us to reduce idle time, increase compliance and electronically keep track of our driver logs.

Vehicle Event Recorder – Safety is always a top priority for GO Riteway and now we’ve taken safety a step further by implementing event recording technology on all of our motorcoaches, limousines, executive sedans and minibuses. The system allows us the ability to seamlessly integrate in-vehicle video in order to capture driving events with a web based managed service. The ability to capture video and audio helps driver safety training and provides an accurate, objective account of what happens during driving events. The result will ultimately enhance the safe driving practices and established safety programs of GO Riteway’s motorcoach and limousine drivers.

Environmental Sustainability – GO Riteway cares about the environment and has established an Environmental Sustainability Program designed to harmonize our company with the environment. We realize becoming more “Green” is a continuously evolving process. Through these initiatives we are committed to making a positive difference to the environment and driving sustainable transportation into the future.