Going Green

GO Riteway’s Environmental Sustainability Program

GO Riteway cares about the environment and we are doing our part to make the world more sustainable for future generations. We have established an Environmental Sustainability Program designed to harmonize our company with the environment. We realize the process of becoming more “Green” is one that continuously evolves. Through these initiatives we are committed to making a positive difference to the environment and driving sustainable transportation into the future.

  1. Our Motorcoach Service

    The very nature of our service is already helping the environment. Motorcoaches are the most fuel-efficient transportation mode in North America when measured in terms of passenger miles per gallon of fuel. Buses also fight congestion as each motorcoach has the capacity to take up to 55 cars off the road at one time and in turn save fuel and slash emissions.

  2. Energy Reduction

    GO Riteway is working with Focus on Energy to look at how we can reduce the energy we use. We are currently having site assessments done at all of our locations. We installed high efficiency lighting in our offices and shop areas.

  3. Recycling

    GO Riteway has established a Recycling Initiative at all of our locations and in our vehicles. Besides recycling paper, cardboard, fluids, tires and plastics at our facilities, we also recycle used engine oil that gets burned in waste oil burners in our shops.

  4. Propane Fuel

    Our shared ride airport shuttle service to and from airports removes vehicles from the highway reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improves local air quality. In addition, energy is conserved and traffic congestion eased. GO Riteway uses 30 propane airport shuttle vans throughout the Metro Milwaukee area. Go Riteway also has 10 school buses that are propane.

  5. Emission Reduction

    GO Riteway has established the following programs to help control our emissions and fuel.

GO Riteway’s Fuel Conservation Program: Each one of our terminal managers are responsible to report by month the mpg of each of its vehicles to our Safety Director. The managers are responsible to reduce fuel consumption, decrease wasted expenditures in fuel and maintenance and improve efficiency. Our drivers are monitored using electronic on board recorders and through the use of road observations.

GO Riteway’s Anti-Idling Policy: All GO Riteway vehicles will not idle for any period of time unless for a specific exception. GO Riteway has procedures in place to reinforce with our drivers the importance of adhering to our anti-idling policy.

GO Riteway's Environmental
Mission Statement

To be the leader in environmental sustainability within the ground transportation industry, through a focused effort to become more aware of the effects our employees, business partners, and vendors have on the environment.

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