Press Release: February 2016
GO Riteway Awarded Highest Safety Rating


It's simple. Nothing we do will ever compromise safety

We’re serious about safety.  With a full-time Safety Director and staff, we oversee the training of our drivers and ensure that GO Riteway enjoys the highest safety ratings from the three most prominent audit organizations.


Highest Safety Rating

Department of Transportation

Under the direction of the US Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducts safety inspections of commercial vehicle companies authorized to operate across state lines.  For information regarding GO Riteway’s satisfactory rating, click here.

Highest Safety Rating


GO Riteway continues to receive an over highest rating of “1.00” from the Transportation Safety Exchange.  TSX is the ground transportation industry’s only independent rating organization that inspects, monitors and reports the safety performance of motor carriers.  NCAA sports teams, trip organizers, charter companies and more rely on TSX evaluations. For GO Riteway’s most recent TSX Review Letter, click here.

Highest Safety Rating

Department of Defense

This inspection measures performance and compliance with the Military Bus Agreement (MBA) and FMCSA regulations. After their review of GO Riteway, the Department of Defense award a BEST rating of “1.00”. We are proud to partner and serve the Pentagon, US Army’s Fort McCoy, US Navy’s Naval Station Great Lakes, the USS Milwaukee Commissioning and more.

Insurance Level

The level of insurance a firm carries is an important consideration when selecting a transportation company. GO Riteway has $10,000,000 in insurance which is double the required federal amount needed.

Sleep Apnea Program

GO Riteway’s launched the first employer-sponsored Sleep Apnea Health & Safety Program in Southeastern Wisconsin. We partnered with Sleep Apnea Solutions, Inc. of Waukesha to institute a voluntary and confidential program to promote employee wellness and help prevent accidents associated with driver fatigue.

GPS Tracking

GO Riteway has installed the Omnitracs XRS Relay System on all of our motorcoaches. This internet based technology gives us access to vehicle data anywhere, anytime. As a result, we can better manage our fleet and our drivers to further enhance the safety of our operation. This system also allows us to reduce idle time, increase compliance and electronically keep track of our driver logs.

Vehicle Event Recorder

GO Riteway has implemented event recording technology on all of our motorcoaches. The system allows us the ability to seamlessly integrate in-vehicle video in order to capture driving events with a web-based managed service. The ability to capture video and audio helps driver safety training and provides an accurate, objective account of what happens during driving events. The result will ultimately enhance the safe driving practices and established safety programs of GO Riteway’s motorcoach drivers.

Road Observations

GO Riteway management and safety staff conduct over 100 observations of motorcoach, airport shuttle and black car/SUV service trips.